The best day of your life: your great Yes

Castello di Castagneto - Area Riservata

01 Feb The best day of your life: your great Yes

The golden hills on the horizon, the warm sun is chilled by a slight breeze and the Castle of Castagneto seems enveloped by an enchanting atmosphere.

It is the most important day of your life and everything will be perfect as you always wanted it.

Your family and friends have gathered around you and now the celebration begin.

Nothing was left to chance, a team of experts guided you from the beginning in every small detail: the choice of the theme, the dresses, wedding favors, outfits, the menu that best characterizes you, the music performances and all other requests were satisfied step by step to ensure you a very personal, unique, special time… what you have always dreamed of and nothing less than what you deserved.

The terrace is a splendor, flowers frame every corner making the atmosphere colorful and special, tables are set with white cotton tablecloths and silverware sparkles at every ray of sunshine.

Waiters, bartenders and service staff are ready to offer their services with the utmost care and professionalism.

We start from aperitif to temper some excitement and enjoy the happiness of this moment as the sun is about to dive into the hills.

In the kitchen, the caterers you choose and with whom you have decided on the menu worked hard all day and now everything is ready to delight you with the taste of a fantastic gourmet meal.

The musical performances will remain in the background for the duration of the aperitif and dinner, and then, when it is time to kick off the dance, it will undoubtedly choose the repertoire that suits you.

Torches will illuminate the garden and the table for the wedding cake: it will be a moment of great emotion!

The relax area is waiting for you between a ball and the other where you can take some time for yourself ….

It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is all true, this is just an example of what may be the great experience to celebrate a wedding at Castle Castagneto … the next could be yours.

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