The best location for your meetings and seminars

The Castle of Castagneto is surrounded by nature, away from the rigors of the hectic daily life.

It is a magical place to feel at ease, forgetting work deadlines and day’s toil and rather focusing on innovation, creation, learning and study.

It is the perfect location for conferences and training seminars. Guests will be welcomed in large rooms suitable for training opportunities and receptions.

Wireless Internet connection and all the equipment and technology you could possibly need are available: screens, projectors, platforms, podium and technical installations for audio and video.

Conference and seminars in Castle near Livorno, Pisa and Grosseto

Corporate and institutional events, conferences, seminars will find a home in a different place that brings with it the history and tradition.

You will feel in another era, breathing the scent of a serene land, while remaining close to the most important cities of Tuscany, just a short drive away from the Castle.