The venue

The origins of the castle follow the story of the della Gherardesca, one of the most ancient Tuscan families to whom Count Ugolino belonged, immortalized by Dante in its Divine Comedy. Two floors of the Castle, a large garden and two terraces are designated spaces for events; from one of the terraces, situated on the west side of the Castle, on clear days you can spot the islands of Elba, Corsica, Capraia and Gorgona.

Discover the Conte Ugolino room, the Princessa Teresa room, the room with view on Giardino dei Lecci (the holm oaks garden), the charming Sala Rossa and the majestic Salone dei Trofei. Let the Giardino dei Lecci, and the church of San Lorenzo charm you.


The Alta Maremma will conquer your heart: a land where culture, art, history and wine coexist and that will make you experience a unique adventure.

Take a slow approach: enjoy independent or organized bike trips, they will give you the opportunity to give yourself a unique experience that resonates with adventure.