Among trees, with the breeze in your hair, you can enjoy a fantastic garden party

Giardino dei Lecci

The holm oaks garden is spacious and cozy, it opens on the walls of the Castle overlooking the town of Castagneto Carducci. It is an ideal place for outdoor receptions and can accommodate up to 150 seated people. It also communicates with the Western Terrace and the Giardino dei Lecci room.

Technical information:

– capacity of 150 seats

– connected to the Western Terrace by a staircase and by spacious door to the Giardino dei Lecci room

Western Terrace

One of the two terraces of the Castle, it will certainly conquer your heart with its breathtaking views. The terrace can accommodate up to 110 seated people and it is connected by stairs to the Giardino dei Lecci. It is suitable for receptions and cocktails of all kinds.

Technical information:

– capacity of 110 seats

– connected to the Giardino dei Lecci by a staircase

Eastern Terrace

This large terrace is located on the eastern side of the Castle balancing the architecture of the structure. It has a capacity of 190 seated people and it is perfect for welcome drinks, receptions and cocktails.

Technical information:

– capacity of 190 seats