Weddings locations in Tuscany

The spaces dedicated to events inside the Castle of Castagneto still keep that medieval charm but are all restored and furnished with all modern equipment.
The Castle is the perfect venue to host weddings, important business events or special private celebrations.

Castello di Castagneto

Location weddings in Tuscany near Pisa Livorno and Grosseto

Every girl dreams to be a princess, and when grown up, every girl dreams of her wedding: a just perfect wedding.

Now imagine that girl, now all grown up, smiling with happiness because she can have both her greatest dreams come true.

Imagine to pronounce that awaited Yes in front of friends and family, in a unique location, where story embraces culture and tradition, living a fairytale.

The rooms of the Castle of Castagneto welcome the guests by immersing them in a timeless atmosphere; relatives and friends from the terrace enjoy the view of the islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the amazing sunsets; the garden will host guests for a break and a short walk.

Castle for Wedding near Livorno, Pisa and Grosseto in Tuscany

The wedding of your dreams is about to come true. Romantic, country-chic, traditional, glitzy: all your wishes will be satisfied, leaving nothing to chance.

Do you want a civil wedding?

Do you prefer to pronounce your vows in the Church of San Lorenzo?
All your preferences will be looked after by a team of professionists who will provide you with a precise and careful counseling.