Winter wedding in Castle: wedding location in tuscany

Castello di Castagneto

Winter flowers to frame the best day of your life

Winter wedding in Castle near Livorno, Pisa and Grosseto

Who said the best wedding are only in springtime or summertime?

Imagine reaching the Castle of Castagneto by walking up the hill along a bouevard of cypresses, in a day when the pale rays of the sun light up frozen dew drops on tree branches making them shine like diamonds.

The bride who decides to fullill her dream wedding on a winter day in this wonderful location can walk the halls draped in her white fur and a bouquet of little white pearl-like flowers and feel just like a princess,.

Although a lot of people still think springtime and summertime are the best to get married, in recent years more and more couples are choosing a different time of the year to get married.
Unusual and original, fascinating and charming, a winter wedding at the Castle od Castagneto promise you an unforgettable day and everlasting memories.