Castello di Castagneto
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The della Gherardesca Castle was built in the year 1000; it stands on the hill of Castagneto Carducci, the town so dear to the namesake Italian poet.

Enclosed within its medial wall, where the family’s church is also found, the Castle appears regal and impregnable. In fact, contrary to the Castles of Bolgheri and Donoratico destroyed by the besiegers, Castagneto resisted various attacks.

The present structure has been built throughout different centuries as it’s been following the history of the della Gherardesca family that still owns the Castle nowadays.

A few parts have been added by Count Camillo between 1735-1807 and under his son Guidalberto between 1780-1854 the buildings to be used for agricultural purpose are built. It's with Count Ugolino though that in the late 1800s that the Castle begins to take shape as a manor house.

The church of San Lorenzo is of medieval origins and has been enlarged by Count Walfredo at the end of the 1800s who built the bell tower and commissioned the frescos to the painter Alberto Zardo.

On the walls are located the gardens and the walkways that give access to these. On clear days the view is precious: from the terrace placed on the west side of the Castle one can see the islands of Elba, Corsica, Capraia and Gorgona.