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The Counts of della Gherardesca has been lords of a long stretch of the Tuscan coast for immemorial time.

Illustrius facts and sensational events about the della Gherardesca are known in our histories and gave them so much glory to be considered among those powerful families that divided the domains of Italy, making rank in the League of Nations.

Large and powerful family belonging to the Adalberti’s blood, for long time the della Gherardesca protected with waepons their noble and generous character that always distinguished them, they dominated various parts of Corsica and Sardinia, and supported the Principality of Pisa in many successions.

A singular proof of greatness will always be the memories of the bonds with the most important dominants of Italy such as the Imperial House of Swabia, the Kings of Aragon, Castile, with the Este, the Aldobrandeschi, Counts Guidi, Gonzaga, with Principles of Urbino, Carpi, of Montefeltro, of Treviso, with the Savelli, Orsini, Carrara, Appiani and the Royal House of de Medici.